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Business Strategy

Lecture "Business Strategy"
Time, Room
Prof. Dr. Harald Hungenberg
Wednesday, 11:30 - 13:00, LG H6
Oct 26, 2016


Case Study Session "Business Strategy"
Time, Room
Christian Gudd
Sebastian Junge
Dr. Martin Weiss
Wednesday, 09:45 - 11:15,
LG 0.222/3, 0.224 and 0.141

Nov 2, 2016
Dec 14, 2016
Jan 11, 2016
Jan 18, 2017
Jan 25, 2017


Course program

This course focuses on selected theories, concepts and tools of strategic management. Typically, the term "strategic" management refers to seeing the company and its environ-ment and considering long-run decisions that affect the company as a whole. It is con-cerned with the totality of what a company is trying to achieve and it helps us to understand why some companies thrive while other companies struggle to survive.

The central tasks of strategic management are formulation and implementation of strate-gies, both at business and corporate level. At business level, the notion of competitive ad-vantage is a central issue; at corporate level, the challenge of contributing value to busi-nesses is crucial. The course "business strategy" addresses the business level of strategy making.

The course uses a combination of lecture sessions and case study sessions in order to provide the analytic and conceptual foundations for making strategic decisions. The case study sessions are designed to introduce typical strategic challenges that companies face. Selected case studies are discussed in smaller groups in order to understand the company situation and to develop solutions for the respective strategic challenges. In the lecture sessions theories, concepts and tools of business strategy are discussed – both, with regard to the case studies as well as in a broader, more general context of business strategy.

Students will learn from each other in discussions and in the group situations and they will learn from the lecturer's input and comments in the interactive plenary sessions.

For the lecture sessions, all students join one class at the same time (Wednesday 11.30 in room H6/Müller Medien-Hörsaal). For the case study sessions, the class will be split into two separate groups. Both groups meet at the same time (Wednesday 09.45), preceding the lecture sessions, in different rooms (rooms 0.222/3, 0.224 and 0.141).

Students have to sign in for the case study sessions on StudOn.


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